Glam Squad Shines as Guest Artists at Paul Mitchell!

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Studio Savvy is ecstatic to share with all of you how wonderful our experience at Paul Mitchell the School San Diego was. And as promised, we have many pictures to share from our event. As guest artists, we were able to share our knowledge and our skills with these new and curious members of our hair world. Deena did a phenomenal job, not only at demonstrating and explaining a beautiful haircut on one of our own, Kyla, but also at leading the discussion in such a graceful yet very fun, inspirational manner. Kassidy was great in explaining her color application as well as touching on certain tips and tricks she recommends to any colorist in the business. Victoria and Brooke did an awesome job not only on the physical presentation of their up styles, but also in explaining their techniques in how to achieve a similar look, as well as interacting with the students and Deena and Kassidy to keep the presentation entertaining and educational. We are all so proud of each other and the hard work we have put into making this a great experience for the future professionals at Paul Mitchell, and for ourselves. Please, stay tuned for our next Glam Squad adventure!


Studio Savvy Salon Presenting as Guest Artists at Paul Mitchell the School San Diego

Deena Hair Demo - 096Studio Savvy is proud to announce that we, the Glam Squad, will be presenting at Paul Mitchell the School San Diego as guest artists on January 26, 2016. The Studio Savvy team is determined to show our commitment to staying current, edgy, and up-to-date in the fashion world. Not only are we always seeking new knowledge, but we are also committed to sharing that knowledge through education. Deena is leading the demonstrations and discussions by sharing her story and experiences of her 34 year journey in the hair and fashion industry. She will also be demonstrating an edgy cut and color on one of our own, Kyla. Kassidy will be demonstrating a color process on a model and Victoria and Brooke will be sharing their hair styling knowledge through current and edgy hair styles. Each one of our Dream Team members will be sharing how they got into the industry and what they love about it. We are all so excited to share what we know, and make a positive impression on, the eager, open-minded, students of Paul Mitchell who are brand new to the industry. Please check back soon for images from our Guest Artist appearance at Paul Mitchell the School San Diego!Deena Hair Demo - 026

Studio Savvy Salon is now Carrying Parlux Blowdryers!

Parlux3800-ColoursThe Glam Squad here at Studio Savvy would like to inform all of you that we are now carrying Parlux 3800 Blowdryers here at the salon for just $145. These professional blowdryers are the same dryers that your stylist uses to give you that beautiful blowout you love during your visit here at Studio Savvy Salon. A blowdryer like this will help you achieve those same results and not only is safer for your hair, but will also last you much longer than your last blowdryer. You can’t get these Parlux 3800 blowdryers anywhere else for this price! Please don’t hesitate to ask your stylist about these awesome tools the next time you’re in!

FINE Magazine Editorial on London Photoshoot

London Calling photoshoot on the rooftop at famous designer and Dame Zandra Rhodes Textile Museum and flat in London.

As many of you know, Deena and Kassidy went to London for the Salon International Hair Show in October. But we are proud to announce that FINE Magazine featured a four page article on the adventure that Deena and her friend and fashion photographer, Meg, experienced in London. The editorial is written from the perspective of Meg Nobriga, describing she and Deena’s fashion adventures in London this past October. Meg and Deena not only got to stay at Zandra Rhodes’ flat in London, but more excitedly, they had the opportunity to do a photoshoot with Zandra’s clothing designs! Both artists were able to express their creativity and expertise in the industry, which is displayed in some beautiful photos shot by Meg. We at Studio Savvy Salon are SO proud of both Deena and Meg. We encourage you to please go out and pick up a copy of this month’s issue of FINE Magazine to check out the editorial on your own—or go online to see their amazing work for yourself! And if you’re looking for a new style, color correction, or color specialists, check out our award-winning Studio Savvy Salon, San Diego hair salon.

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san diego hair salon, industry leader, studio savvy salonHello and Happy New Year from the Studio Savvy Glam Squad! We hope that your holidays were fabulous and filled with joy. We here at Studio Savvy just wanted to update everyone on what we have been up to during this busy holiday season. This month’s issue of Ranch & Coast featured Deena Von Yokes in their piece on “A Who’s Who Guide to Leading Industry Experts in San Diego.” The write up on Deena, which named her as a Master Stylist and Fashion Influencer, touched on not only Deena’s credentials and amazing experiences, but also mentioned The Glam Squad and some of the many contributions we at Studio Savvy make to the community around us. We encourage you to please go out and pick up a copy or go online to check it out! And if you’re looking for a new image, color correction, or color specialists, check out or award-winning San Diego hair salon.