Courtney, Vista

I have been looking for a hair dresser since I had my son. I am not the type of person that gets my hair done all the time, but as most moms know after you have a baby you feel like you need a little something to make you feel good again. I went to Studio Savvy and had Bonnie Owen do my hair. The 1st time I had her cut it. She did a wonderful job! I did not know after you have a baby changes happen to your hair. Bonnie educated me about something I can do to help and cut my hair accordingly. I went back a few months later and had her cut and color my hair. I have been getting nothing but compliments!!! I love love love my hair!!! She has great knowledge on things that could be going on with your hair and knows how to make it do what it is supposed to. Bonnie is worth EVERY PENNY!!!!!!!! For all you new moms like me, get into Bonnie Owen. Treat yourself to feeling beautiful again!!!!

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