Kailua, Beverly Hills


I have been highlighting my hair for about 10 years now and have had all sorts of outcomes good, bad and the ugly. About two and half years ago i was recommended to check Bonnie out. First of all she gave me probably the best hair consult i have ever received due to the amount of knowledge she shared with me just by looking and feeling my hair. Second of all after that first highlight my hair never looked so good and i never felt so confident with my hair. I’m telling you she is the BEST hair colorist i have ever met. Girls who have blonde hair like me, she is the Queen of getting that perfectly natural blonde sun-kissed look. I’m telling you every time i leave her i am just obsessed with the outcome. And my best advice for you when you do see Bonnie is to just let the artist do what she does. Bonnie seriously is an artist at what she does and also a perfectionist which makes it sooo worth every penny of her work! Trust me, i live in LA and i willingly will drive down to San Diego to get my hair done, because i know no one will do a better job and at this point i don’t trust anyone else to do a job quite as amazing as she does!! GO TO BONNIE YOU WONT REGRET IT!! 🙂

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