Studio Savvy Salon in Rancho Santa Fe offers a wide variety of hair extensions services. We offer natural hair extensions of superior quality. Our hair extensions are designed to lay completely seamless and undetectable in the hair while looking and feeling amazing. We also have Halo Couture. Removable extensions anyone can put on and off!

HAIR EXTENSION: Real Hair Reuseable & Beautiful

** Must have consultation prior to installation

Mini Pack Hair & Install (for fullness) $255+
Mini Pack: Adjustments $75
Medium Length 10″ to 12″ $530 & up
Medium: Adjustments $150
Long 14″ to 16″ $600 & up
Long: Adjustments $150
Extra Long NATURALS 18″ to 20″ $675 & up
Extra Long NATURALS: Adjustments $175
Extra Long BLONDES 18″ to 20″ $750 & up
Extra Long BLONDES: Adjustments $175
XXL Lengths NATURALS 22″ to 24″ $850 & up
XXL Lengths NATURALS: Adjustments $175
XXL Lengths BLONDES 22″ to 24″ $920 & up
XXL Lengths BLONDES: Adjustments $175

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Clip Ins (varies by length) $200
Clip Ins Application (with wash & dry) $65 & up
Hairware Solutions with 1st Application (part/ bang/ crown) $400
Halo Couture’s (varies by length) $340-$595



Studio Savvy now offers Individual Links/Locks/I-tip extensions. Hair prices start at $500 and up, depending on the consultation. Decided by how short, long, sparse, or thick your hair is. We offer Russian, Malaysian, and European hair.
**Must have consultation prior to installation.