Deena Von Yokes, Master Stylist & Colorist and the Founder of Studio Savvy Salon.

Deena Von Yokes

Founder and Owner

Deena is an admitted fashion junkie. Ever since holding her first pair of scissors as a teenager in her mother’s salon, she has been obsessed with glamour and style. Fast-forward 30 years and that obsession has only grown.

As an understudy, she trained under some of the best in the industry building the expertise that would ultimately allow her to approach her work not as a colorist or stylist, but as an artist.

Clients who prefer a classic style appreciate Deena for her prowess with the highest and most current standards of color and style. Other clients seek her out because of her avant garde approach to trends and beauty.

Whether your style is classic or edgy, Deena is known for having her finger on the pulse of technique, style, fashion and hair design. Deena’s clients all walk away feeling like superstars, which has built her a fiercely loyal clientele.

Founder & Owner of Studio Savvy Salon, Inc.
Master Hair Stylist
Master Colorist
Creative Consultant for Major Events
Fashion Consultant