Twas the night before Bing Crosby Opening Day…

And all through the race track, not a creature was stirring, not even a horse. No, not even a horse, but at 3:30am Deena Von Yokes and the Studio Savvy Glam Squad were wide eyed and preparing for a full Opening Day Fashion Frenzy. Why? Because “Fashion Never Sleeps!“, especially with Studio Savvy!

Looking vintage, modern and more styled by Deena and Studio Savvy at 2015 Bing Crosby Opening Day at Del Mar

The full Studio Savvy Glam Squad was in force under the leadership of Deena Von Yokes as the Hollywood Fashion Contest Co-Director, Fashion Creative Director and Fashion Stylist. It’s so dark out at 3:30am, but it’s not quiet with Hair Stylists Kassidy Vaughan, Victoria Sexsmith, Mariah Meerschaert, and Desiree Balmos. The teams ever talented make-up artists consisted of Kyla Roseault, Nikki Caswell, and Stacy Vizcarra. The fashion designers brought out their garments and the models show up, and before you know it, there is a full blown bevy of beautiful ladies in action at 4am. The fashion designers were Olga Sanchez, Paula Cobian, Jemima Dutra, and Gladis Alvarenga. The hats and head pieces are designed by Christine Moore.

The team had only 2 hours to get all the models and themselves ready for Opening Day TV interviews about the race track and the Hollywood Fashion Contest. The models were stunning from the first segment, through the last. It was a full day with the Hollywood Fashion Contest running under the direction of Joe Cuviello of Cuviello Agency. And for the models, Brooke Hasselmann, Christianna Knutson, Cierra Flower, Tatiana Slepova, Whittaney Robinson, Afton Sleight, Hannah Marie, Nikki Smith, and Kelly Lenahan, it was a non-stop party and photoshoot with photographer Susie Talman of Susie Talman Photography, and Jody Pinchin of Jody Lynn Photo & Video. Social Media Coordinator, Heather Kenney.

Fun is Always Fashionable

Please enjoy the gallery of photos and please share this article link on social media, or share the photos from our facebook albums and posts! We had a fantastic day and love to share our experiences with you all. Most of all, Studio Savvy is a beauty salon and we are addicted to fashion and making everyone look beautiful. So please reach out to us, we love to share the fun and would love to have you join us at an event, and in the salon. We love fashion and love what we do! Enjoy!

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