We All Know About the French Twist and French Braid, but Do You Know About French Bangs?

braid_color_1The Studio Savvy Glam Squad is committed to keeping up on all the latest fashion trends, as well as sharing not only what they are, but how you can achieve them. One of the easiest ways to give yourself a fresh, new look is to switch up your color or it can even be as simple as changing up your bang.

Babylights are great for any type and color of hair. Chandelier Highlights are another name for these babylights that are great for brunettes. These subtle, fine highlights reflect light to make strands look more lustrous. Rose Gold is another color trend that is taking the fashion world by storm. This trend allows for a hint of a gilded-hue and is great for blondes. Another trend we love, Major Rootage (with brightness around the face). Hyper-visible rootage is totally on-trend for both brunettes and blondes, giving you an edgy, cool-girl vibe. One tip we have for you when it comes to this trendy color trend: your roots should match your brows.

When it comes time for your next haircut, keep these trends in mind. Choppy Tresses are the new, textured take on the bob. Ask your stylist for chin-length layers with lots of movement. Tip: Let your hair air dry for easy texture. French-Girl Bangs are another trend we are loving right now. Parisian-inspired fringe that has a way of haphazardly swooping to the side and (slightly) falling in your eyes creates an effortless look.

When it comes to hair styling, we have plenty of fresh ideas for you. The 70’s are back ladies, and so are Maxed-Out Curls. Big, bouncy volume is in and one way to rock this style is to wear it smooth on top and teased on the bottom. Brush out your waves for a soft, fluffy, glam finish. Loose Ends make being lazy look so good. Just twist your pony and pin, the messier the better. Keep the rest of your hair sleek for some contrast and a more polished look. The basic French braid is pretty, but kinda boring. The new way to braid like a boss—Brazen Braids—is to do multiple face-framing plaits.color_2

Your Studio Savvy Stylists have some general hair advice for you as well. Hair styles are more alluring and romantic when you deconstruct classic styles. Loosen up a French twist, let your baby hairs fly-free, try a knot instead of a perfect bun—get a little undone! Second-day hair? No problem! The teased, tousled styles that are in right now actually look better on hair that isn’t squeaky clean. Lastly, we all know that fierce feeling we have when walking out of the salon with a killer blowdry. Voluminous hair has always been a go-to, but now, the combination of messy texture and a touch of body gives this style a cooler spin. To give yourself that same sexy hair at home you can blowdry your hair upside down for a ton of lift on top, then finish with a curling iron to bend the ends and give it that finished look. Spray a little texture spray or hair spray and you’re good-to-go!

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